About Zee

Zenaida’s (Zen-I-Duh) a Washington DC Metro native, known affectionately as "Zee," is a vibrant and energetic mom with a soothing voice and a versatile personality that seamlessly fits into diverse scripts. Her authentic and conversational tone resonates with audiences, offering motherly reassurance or a dash of sass as needed. Growing up in a Spanish-speaking household Zee effortlessly mastered both Spanish and English, fostering a deep connection with diverse cultures.

With over two decades of experience as a nurse, Zee's healthcare background enriches her understanding of intricate medical terminologies. This unique blend of linguistic and professional expertise makes her a go-to talent for commercial, narration, explainer videos, educational pieces, audiobooks, and healthcare content. Zee operates from her broadcast-quality home studio, equipped with Source Connect for top-notch audio production.



  • HP Pavilion 
  • DAW: Audacity
  • Audio-Technica AT2020 cardioid condenser mic with pop filter
  • Audio- Technica ATH-40x Headphones
  • Presonus AudioBox USB 96 25th Anniversary Edition audio interface
  • Source Connect Available
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